Shocking news for Internet users: many video converter servers got hacked by anonymous hackers

There is a number of website that have recently being targeted by hackers, including the
“giants” of the ground, Freemake Video Converter (more info here) and Online Video Converter. These platforms are well known for their services to the community: they allow users to
download audio, music, videos and movies from popular sources, letting them get various
contents for free. Until now, they always had little to no attention from the hackers, as they
usually benefit from their services and believe in a free internet with no paid-content.
Recently a dozen of the platforms have been set offline in a two-weeks period. Continue Reading

DdoS attack on IQ Option Platform servers in Thailand Using IoT Botnet

In the last few days, this brand new botnet try and succeed on launching its first cyber attack by DdoS toward the Thailand IQ Option Platform with all client accounts. Researchers found that kind of attack a bit interesting, because it was hosted on iranian internet domains. The new botnet attacks use a different module on a lot of different UDP ports to get the sight. Experts say that just over 43,000 IoT devices is completing this botnet so far, but this number could increase in the next few weeks. Continue Reading