DdoS attack on IQ Option Platform servers in Thailand Using IoT Botnet

IoT devices still remain on sight of cyber criminal’s attacks. Brand new botnet is useful to hold traction of our voice and our commands. A high number of webcams or IP cameras fall victims of the botnet’s skills, that could hack it in some easy way. Hundred devices can be easy breached by empowered botnet, resulting vulnerable and armless against that new menace. Off course it’s the number one preoccupation for financial institutions as online trading platforms.


In this article we gonna to study the case of IQ Option platform recently being attacked by Russian hackers


Yes, there is another Botnet to hacking IoT devices


It is evident something will need to change sooner rather than later when it comes to Internet of Things devices. Far too many consumer products remain vulnerable to interference from hackers and other online criminals as of right now. This allows rogue players to create new botnets, all of which will successfully target these devices and overtake them. By any means, it is not a good development, because IoT devices (source : FBI official site) give to criminals that kind of tools necessary to overake them.

Brand new botnet, found on last month, have only been made public on early days. It works on vulnerable Iot devices that use port 81 to the internet connection. The way it works is to cause an unusual number of high trafic generate on that port, so, when researchers on security found it, they were a little bit unsure as to what they should expect. Quickly became clear that someone was scans on vulnerable IoT devices, though.

Hackers, that were using this new both was focused on two primary target on connected devices: webcam and IP webcams. Both of this two devices seem to be a big interest to botnet’s criminals, because we could count like hundreds of thousands of these connected at any given time to the internet. Most of it could contain some significant security breach that someone is waiting to discover. We could count like 200.000 webcams with some weakness on their security system on a recent data research.


The researchers, that found the way to bring a sample of this botnet were focused on though it was a kind of variant of Mirai. Instead they found something new on it, something a lot more troublesome at least. A kind of new malware scans used before for GoAhead, the web server that you could find on a lot of IoT devices. When the target is identified it could be easy for the criminal to overtake the device and hold it on control.


The hacking of IQ Option servers in Thailand

In the last few days, this brand new botnet try and succeed on launching its first cyber attack by DdoS toward the Thailand IQ Option Platform with all client accounts. Researchers found that kind of attack a bit interesting, because it was hosted on iranian internet domains. The new botnet attacks use a different module on a lot of different UDP ports to get the sight. Experts say that just over 43,000 IoT devices is completing this botnet so far, but this number could increase in the next few weeks.

That problem wit IQ Option robots it’s really serious for a lot of trading agency. In fact botnets could attack and take control of all those operations and do all the work. Botnets allow to automate the search for trend functions and use a sophisticated algorithm to potentially winning on multiple broker trading accounts.




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